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We established an extensive list of clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations

What can we do?

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Industrial Design
  • Trade Dress
  • Trade Secret
  • Geographical Indications
  • Plant Varieties
  • Domain Names
  • Litigation
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal Translation
Your company

Your stunning business
needs you to work hard and
build strategies that actually

Your brand

The result is a successful
brand that you use as your
trademark which will increase
your sales.

Our work

Now it’s up to us! We
elaborate your brand we
add our experience
and our knowledge.


Ultimate protection, we will
make sure to safe-guard your
trademark while you develop
your business.

Newsletter Articles

Jordan – New Provisions for Patent Annuities

The Directorate of Industrial Property Protection issued a decision on 29 November 2018 where it made it possible to pay ...
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Syria – Opposition Against “pladis”

Conflict between Pladis and BLADY in Syria which finally ended in allowing Pladis to register and co-exist with BLADY...
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State of Palestine – Trademark Filings Go Online

The General Directorate of Intellectual Property in the Ministry of National Economy announced that new trademark applications could be filed ...
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Morocco – SKY vs. Skyworth

Sky International AG filed an opposition against our client's application for "Skyworth" in Morocco. We argued the opposition
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Kuwait – STONEFLY vs. Star Fly

Stonefly S.P.A. filed an opposition against our client's mark "Star Fly" in Kuwait filing number 125044. We argued the opposition ...
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Saudi Arabia – To Integrate the Gregorian Calendar

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has decided to implement the Gregorian calendar in addition to the Hijri calendar
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Kuwait – Trademark Renewals Go Online

Trademark renewal applications now go online in Kuwait as per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
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Lebanon – New Requirement for Trademark Recordals of Assignment

Original registration/renewal certificates are required upon filing assignment applications.
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State of Palestine – Opposition Against TORINO

Yildiz Holding Anonim Sirketi seeks trademark enforcement over Torino in the State of Palestine
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Saudi Arabia – Conflict Between “Conotoxia” and “Cirrus”

Conflict between Sp. z o.o. and Mastercard Incorporated over "Conotoxia" and "Cirrus" in Saudi Arabia
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We believe IP is the most important right for people

It has been developed through the years and it is going to change the world of inventions and creativity. We are honored to be part of this business.
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Multi National World-Wide Experts in the Middle East

We pride ourselves by serveing you in more than 20 countries through our branch offices, and world-wide through our exclusive network of qualified people.
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We Design Custom Methods for Our Business

Adapting new technologies to allow us to use the best practices as a reference not an answer. We bring our skills and combine it with our knowledge.
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We Handle IP Portfolios to the Best Quality

We work closely with you and integrate your thoughts; we are committed to our set of values, making sure that they match your top values as a successful company.
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About NJQ

Since 1985, NJQ & Associates has established an extensive list of clients ranging from individuals and small businesses, to large multinational companies and organizations.

Trademarks & IP

We deal with trademarks and brands all the time. We understand that a trademark is the result of hard work and time given, into a business throughout the years.

Our Values

We start with analysing our client’s business, understanding the risk surrounds it, and then making sure that what we deliver covers those issues.

Blog Articles

Meet us in Seattle During the INTA 2018 Annual Meeting

NJQ & Associates will be glad to participate again at the INTA conference during its 140th Annual Meeting to be ...
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Syria – Increase in Official Publication Fees

This is to inform that the Minister of Internal Trade has on, 28 September 2017, issued a Ministerial Decree No. ...
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Northern Iraq (Kurdistan of Iraq) Trademark Office Resumes Operations Today

ERBIL - This is to notify that the Trademark Office in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan of Iraq) has started today to ...
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The key element in our firm is the methods and strategies used when performing a job or project. This is done up to the highest level that our clients are used to. When our team carry out a task they work as one entity and they facilitate internal communication, so the final result comes up perfectly rendered into the standard that we accept to comply with – no less.

Our clients understand that managing a portfolio or starting an agreement is a great place to start—but not the finish line. They work with us after we deliver to continually refine and grow. And that is how we Treat Your IP.

Firas Qumsieh- Managing Director - NJQ & Associates