Our Translation Department, which is the first specialized translation center in the Middle East region, provides high-quality translations of intellectual property, scientific and technical documents. We translate from English into Arabic and vice versa. Our primary specialties are translations of patents for filing and translation of legal documents and evidences that are to be used in legal proceedings. Furthermore, in cases of patent infringements, it is essential that their translations are accurate, since inaccurate translation might and will certainly result in losing the whole infringement case.

Executed to the most stringent standards and specifications, our translations are performed with speed, efficiency and confidentiality. Some of our principal translators hold engineering degrees and have been in the translation business for over twenty years, others have advanced training in translation and legal field.

We have the ability to handle bulk translations with the same efficiency and thus meeting our clients’ need on time and on budget.

As a highly responsible, experienced firm, we know how to respond to a challenge. Our clients are aware of the critical importance of having access to quick and accurate translation, and so do we. Once we make a commitment, we have enormous resources that can bring to bear on virtually any project. This combination of qualities is the reason we can offer the highly competitive rates for which we are known.