Our clients are our own valuable assets and preserving their IP rights tops our priority if not comes first. At NJQ & Associates we provide watch service with considerable thoughts and profound thinking into the best ways of monitoring and watching our clients’ rights and to assure them that their trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights are in safe hands and immune from all possible threats.

We are in receipt of all up to date official gazettes supplements of trademarks, patents and industrial design publications which are dealt with by our specialized team of experts who carefully look, investigate and report of any possible infringement. It is not a monthly work or an assignment that we conduct on specific occasions but rather a daily and continuous daily work that takes us time and effort. Furthermore, watch service means also market investigations on a regular basis, monitoring shipments of goods doubted of bearing fake products follow up visits to suspicious stores and traders and so on.

Our pursuit toward achieving this service effectively, quickly and less costly on behalf of our clients is our main concern. This explains why we reach all our customers faster than others.

Besides, our large network of business relationships enables us to get the necessary information and obtain accurate data with a short period of time from various reliable and authenticated sources.