Due to the fact that counterfeiting is a serious problem for manufacturers and distributors of merchandise worldwide, anti-counterfeit litigation take a special interest in our service activities. with the still lax control regulations in some countries, litigation service including our success in seizing counterfeit goods are rampant.

The base of our mission is to combat counterfeiting and piracy in all areas including industry, technology, pharmaceuticals, software, food and copyright by promoting laws, regulations and public awareness to render intellectual property theft undesirable and unprofitable and thus increase the protection of IP rights.

We believe that counterfeiting can and do create public health risks and safety hazards, as well as economic harm. We report counterfeits, initiate actions and participate with government authorities in enforcing anti-counterfeiting measures, which will ultimately result in increased enforcement, lead to the prosecution of intellectual property infringers, and create a strong deterrent to counterfeiters and pirates.