We provide patent drawings & illustrations to patent attorneys, inventors, and clients within various industries. We make affordable drawings & illustrations that are always delivered on time, ready for important application filing deadlines. Our clients demand a high standard of quality, something we pride ourselves on being able to provide within our Patent Drawings.

We offer high quality patent designs and illustrations, working from your informal drawings, photos, or sketches; using both drafting and graphic programs we create formal line drawings in AutoCAD®, Photoshop® and Illustrator® that are suitable to your application and provide them in PDF format.

Plan, elevation, perspective, detail, exploded, and cross-sectional views are all used to illustrate and describe an invention. High quality patent drawings are very important to consider when filing your patent application. We can provide highly accurate drawings that will illustrate your invention correctly.

We are available immediately to discuss with the clients their patent drafting requirements to perform a complete job the first time.

NJQ Drafting provides patent illustration services to clients all over the world including:

  • Original drafting of figures for design and utility cases.
  • Revisions of electronic files for compliance with US and PCT drawing rules.
  • Preparation of drawings for USPTO electronic filing.
  • Revisions, conversions, and printing for foreign filing.
  • USPTO & International Standards

All drawings are guaranteed to be accepted by the USPTO and PCT as long as the drawings are not altered after we deliver the PDF file.