Within the Intellectual Property Law, no area is rapidly and dramatically changing as patents, thanks to the revolutionary changes in technology and communications.

We at NJQ & Associates serve local, regional and international clients including companies involved in complex technologies, such as communications, manufacturing and service industries. In representing these clients, we usually deal with virtually every issue associated with identifying patentable innovations, securing and protecting patents and enforcing patent rights.

We have obtained patents in almost every area of technology, including digital and analogue electronics, computer software and hardware, complex mechanical and electrical devices, chemical processes and compositions, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, warfare technology, medical equipment, audio and video processing equipment and computerized systems and communications.

Our patent services include:

  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications.
  • Analyzing prior art and rendering patentability opinions.
  • Preparing and filing patent appeal briefs.
  • Rendering legal opinions concerning the validity and infringement of patents.
  • Developing and managing global patent portfolios.
  • Providing expert testimony in patent litigation lawsuits.
  • Counseling patent owners regarding strategies and likelihood of success.
  • Preparing cease and desist letters in the event of patent infringement and resolving infringement situations to a successful conclusion.
  • Litigating patent and related IP disputes.
  • Preparing and negotiating patent license agreements and assignments.