Scientific, literary and artistic works comprise writings of all types and scope, and include source and object computer programs; compilations of data and other materials; dramatic works, musical compositions and dramatico-musical works; cinematographic, choreographic and pantomime works; works of drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture; models and works of art or science applied to trade or industry; printed matter, plans and maps; plastics, photographs, recordings and phonograms; and finally any scientific, literary, artistic or didactic production, irrespective of its reproduction procedure.

Copyright protection shall cover the expression of ideas, procedures, methods of operation and mathematical concepts, but not those ideas, procedures, methods and concepts per se.

The right of ownership of a scientific, literary or artistic work shall include, for its author, the entitlement to dispose of, publish, perform and publicly exhibit, alienate, translate, adapt or authorize the translation of, and reproduce the work in any form.