The IP office of Bolivia is known as Servicio Nacional De Propiedad – (SENAPI).

Bolivia is a member of the Andean Pact. The Andean Pact Decisions No. 486 contains rules on Trademark Law common and applicable to all the member states of the Andean Community which is a comity of 4 nations:

1. Bolivia
2. Colombia
3. Ecuador
4. Peru

The application process includes a formal examination and an examination of distinctiveness. Search for prior trademarks can be done, although it is not a requirement for filing the trademark application. It takes approximately 6-8 months from filling to registration, in case no oppositions are presented. Prior examination of distinctiveness the trademark is published in the Bolvian Official Gazette. Duly note, the opposition period is 30 labour days from publication date of the application. Oppositions are also possible by owners of trademarks in other member states of the Andean Pact.