Prior to filing an application for the registration of a trademark, it is recommended that you do a trademark search in respect of identity and similarity, in order to avoid conflicts during the registration procedure or in the marketplace with an earlier registered trademark or a trademark earlier applied for.

The timely knowledge of possible obstacles to the registration of a trademark or of the conflict in the marketplace allows for timely taking certain legal actions or business moves.

During the procedure for the examination of an application for the registration of a trademark, the Institute examines the existence of obstacles to the trademark registration. Where a trademark application is filed for an identical and/or similar sign for identical or similar goods and/or services of an earlier trademark holder, it may give rise to the infringement of the rights of earlier trademark holders, in particular if the applicant had used such sign in commerce.

Search services may be requested as to various search criteria (identity, similarity, in respect of an applicant/holder or a specifically defined request).

The Institute provides search services against the payment of administrative fees and specific costs of the procedure.