Patents - Filing Requirements

Patent Filing Requirements
  • Copy of the granted patent specifications, including the drawings, certified by the relevant Patent Office.
  • Authorisation form (Form A) simply signed by the inventor showing the name and designation of the signatory.
  • Application form (Form B) to be provided by the agent on behalf of the applicant.
  • Extract sheet obtained by the relevant Patent Office.

The Patents Order 2011 provides various options for applicants at the Search and Examination stages of the application. An applicant, may instead of filing a request for both search and examination, request just the search report as a start, and later, the applicant can file a request to obtain the subsequent examination report. This option is only applicable to domestic patent applications.

Supplementary search reports are applicable if the patent applicant appears to be related to two or more inventions during the search stage. If this is the case, the Registrar will notify the applicant, and the latter can request a search in relation to the second or subsequent invention(s).