Trademarks - Filing Requirements

Filing Requirements
  • Certified copy of the priority document if claimed.

  • Late filing of documents: allowed within 3 months from the filing date without penalty

Renewal Requirements
  • Details of the trademark registration.

There is no penalty for the late renewal, and a trademark can be renewed as long as its registration has not been removed from the registry.

Search Requirements

It is not possible to conduct a search by an applicant name.

Search for a device mark is possible.

Assignment Requirements
  • Assignment agreement document, simply signed.
  • Form TM11 signed by the assignor and the assignee for each mark.

A nominal consideration of US$100 is recommended in the deed of assignment, the tax thereto is US$2.

Merger Requirements
  • Form TM12 signed by both parties for each mark.

Recordal of Change
  • Official document attesting the change.

License Requirements
  • Form TM25 signed by the licensor and the licensee for each mark.