Domain Names

The registry system will automatically renew expired domain names and charge the renewal fees to the registrar. The registrar will then have a grace period known as “Auto Renewal Grace Period” to delete the renewal and receive a refund.

If the domain name is not deleted within the grace period, the registrar is billed permanently for the renewal, whether or not the registrar has secured payment from the registrant. If the registrar does not wish to have the domain name, the registrar must delete the domain by issuing a delete command and the domain name transits to the “Redemption Grace Period”.

The “Redemption Grace Period” is the number of calendar days following the deletion of a domain name. During the “Redemption Grace Period”, the domain will be removed from the DNS and becomes not resolvable. Domain name modifications, renewals and transfers are not allowed when a domain name is in this period. To redeem the domain name, a non-refundable Restoration fee will be incurred in addition to a minimum 1-year renewal fee.

If a domain name has not been restored during the “Redemption Grace Period”, the name will be placed in a “Pending Delete Period” for five (5) calendar days during which no transactions can be performed on the domain name. At the conclusion of this period, the name will be deleted and released into the pool of available names.