Patents - General Information

  • You can claim priority according to Paris Convention within: 12 months from the first filing date.
  • Member of: PCT, Paris Convention.
  • Period of protection of a patent: 20 years.
  • Annuities: the annual fees must be paid without any request by the office at the beginning of the third and every following year, calculated from the filing date. The protection period is falling due on the last day of the month corresponding to the application month (e.g. if the filing date is 15 June 2009, so the third annuity due on 30 June 2011). If the annual fee is not paid before the expiry of the second month after the due date, it may be paid together with a surcharge for late payment before the expiry of the sixth month after the due date (in the above example the time limit expires on 31 December 2011). If the annual fee is not paid at all, not paid on time, or not paid in full, the application is deemed to be withdrawn or the patent lapses. Advance payment of the annual fee is possible, but not earlier than one year before the respective fee is due.
  • Allowed time to submit the assignment deed from the date of signing the agreement: immediately.