Trademarks - Registration with ASEZA

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority - ASEZA

Counterfeiting and copying famous trademarks are becoming a real threat to the owners of trademarks not in Jordan but also everywhere. In an attempt to minimize as much as possible all these illegal ways our distinguished clients are highly recommended to register their trademarks at Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) in Jordan. AQABA is the Jordan’s main sole sea port to the outside world. The registration is highly recommended as it comes as a precautionary procedure to prevent any possible shipment of counterfeited goods and products being similar or identical to our clients ‘trademark to enter the Jordanian market. The registration procedures are easy and simple with low official cost. The certificate of registration at ASEZA can be obtained within short period of time and will be due for renewal annually


Registration Requirements
  • Power of attorney legalised by the Jordanian Consulate;
  • Samples of the trademark and explanation of its use, and
  • Certified copy of the trademark registration as issued from the Trademark office.