Industrial Designs

An industrial design is a decorative, ornamental or aesthetic aspect (design) of a product. The articles refer to a variety of industrial or artisanal production objects such as technical equipment and vehicles, fabrics and fashions, jewelry, toys, packaging and furniture, tableware and food products, graphics and printing samples of fonts. International Classification for Industrial Designs includes more than 6,600 items of products.

Industrial designs can be extensional (a form of product), flat (images, colors) or make their combination (combined industrial designs). Examples of in-plane industrial designs may be solutions that define the appearance of carpet, scarves, fabrics, etc., combined – cookware coated with a pattern, packing box.

Solutions conditioned only by a technical function of a product, architectural objects, printed matter as such, objects of unstable forms, articles, contrary to public interest and morality are not recognized as industrial designs.

Legal protection is provided to art-design solution as an industrial design in that case if it is new and original.

Industrial design shall be deemed new if the sum of its essential features appearing on the images of product and essential features to be listed in the list is not known from the information generally available in the world before the priority date.

Industrial design is deemed original if its essential features determine the creative nature of the product peculiarities.