Domain Names

The Libyan ccTLD (“.ly”) domain hierarchy is based on general category of organizations. The following are their definitions: Dedicated only for entities that provide commercial services. Also, registered trade names and marks can be registered as domain names under Dedicated only to entities operating as state owned companies. Dedicated only for educational and training institutions, e.g., universities, training institutes, etc. Dedicated only for Kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools. Dedicated only for entities that provides health services such as hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc. Dedicated only for Governmental entities including popular congresses and comities, ministries, authorities and government agencies. Dedicated only for entities that provide Internet-related services, e.g., ISPs, web hosting, portal sites, etc. Dedicated only for non-profit organizations including societies, charities, clubs and youth federations. Dedicated only for entities or individuals that do not fit within any of the above definitions, including personal names.