The trademark is the wealth of the enterprise. It is not just about names or symbols but it crystallizes the perceptions and feelings of the consumers towards a product or service and its performances and It represents all that a product or a service means to them.

Article.133 of the law 17-97 on the protection of industrial property, defines the trademark as: «a sign susceptible of graphic representation used to distinguish products and services of a natural or legal entity.

These are:

  • trademarks names : they are represented by words, combinations of words, letters, numbers
  • Figurative trademarks : they contain images or graphics.
  • Mixed trademarks : they combine both verbal and figures.
  • Sound trademarks : they are represented graphically as a musical notation.
  • Smell trademarks : they are represented by an odor, fragrances
  • Three-dimensional trademarks.