Trademarks - General Information

  • Filing System: Multi-Class Filing System.
  • Classification of goods/services: 10th Edition of Nice Classification.
  • Registrables: trademarks, collective marks, quality marks (certification marks).
  • Examination type: there is no examination procedure. When applications are lodged, the details of the UK registration are entered into the Saint Helena register, and a certificate of registration is issued.

Duration and renewal:
A trade mark registration is effective from the date of registration in the United Kingdom, and continues for the duration of the UK registration (10 years). The registration in Saint Helena must be renewed within six months after the renewal of the UK registration by giving notice to the Registrar in the prescribed form and paying the prescribed fee.

The registered proprietor of a trademark in Saint Helena has the same privileges and rights, mutatis mutandis, in relation to the use of the trade mark in respect of the relevant goods as would be conferred by the law in force in the UK.

Applications can be filed at any time during the life of the UK trademark. An application is filed with the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Saint Helena.