Domain Names

Anyone can apply for “.es” domains from any country in the world as long the entity maintains ties to Spain:

  • Individuals and legal entities and organisations without legal entity with ties to Spain may apply for any “.es”and/or “” domain.
  • For “” domains, individuals entities with ties to Spain may apply.
  • Entities, institutions or groups, with or without legal entity, that are non-profit making and have ties to Spain may register “” domains.

Ties to Spain
According to the Public Business Entity “interests” or “ties to Spain” to include the following situations, among others:

  • Individuals or legal entities established in Spain.
  • Individuals or legal entities who wish to aim all or part of their services at the Spanish market.
  • Individuals or legal entities who wish to provide information, services and/or products which are culturally, historically or socially linked with Spain.