The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 2006 and the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations of 2010 provide for the protection of literary, scientific and artistic intellectual works and their neighbouring rights and provide for other related matters and procedures and fees payable.

The following literary, scientific and artistic works are eligible for Copyright: articles, books, pamphlets, lectures, addresses, sermons and other works of a similar nature; dramatic, dramatic-musical and musical works; audio-visual works and sound recording, including cinematographic works and other work of a similar nature; choreographic works and pantomimes; computer programmes and electronic data banks and other accompanying materials; works of drawing, painting, photography, typography, mosaic, architecture, sculpture, engraving, lithography and tapestry; works of applied art, whether handicraft or produced on industrial scale, and works of all types of designing; illustrations, maps, plans, sketches and three dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture or science; derivative work which by selection and arrangement of its content, constitute original work; any other work in the field of literature, traditional folklore and knowledge, science and art in whatever manner delivered, known or to be known in the future.