Domain Names

The .aeDA was established in 2007 by the TRA as a department. It is the Regulatory Body and Registry Operator for the .ae domain name.

The .aeDA is responsible for the setting and enforcement of all policies with regard to the operation of the .ae ccTLD as well as overseeing the operation of the Registry System.

The .aeDA brought changes to the ae ccTLD in order to bring it in line with international best practices. The .aeDA introduced the ‘Registry – Registrar Model’ into the .ae ccTLD, to provide clarity of the roles within the industry, and to introduce competitive pricing, and service models for Registrants.

To register .ae or امارات. domain name you first need to and contact one of the accredited registrars. .ae and امارات. accredited registrar is an organization authorized to register and manage domain names on behalf of registrants. In other words, a registrar holds the right to register a domain name. Authorization to be a registrar of .ae is granted by the .aeDA after strict criteria is met.