Domain Names

Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) is an affiliation to the Ministry of Information and Communications, founded on 28th April 2000, and carries out the functions of managing, allocating, supervising and promoting the use of Internet domain name, address (IP), Autonomous System Number (ASN) in Vietnam (collectively called as “Internet resources”); providing Internet-related guidance, statistics on Internet; joining international activities on Internet.

Registration shall be made at domain name “.VN” registrars on the principle of equality and non-discrimination, “first come, first served” basis.

Vietnam country code domain names “.VN” are not governed by the Law on Intellectual Property. Sequences of characters or characters presenting trademarks, brand names, product marks and service marks, copyright and work titles are not eligible for online protection if they have not yet been registered in domain names, even if registration has been made for protection in reality.