AMMAN 13 April 2013 – NJQ & Associates, as part of its social and professional responsibilities, have launched under the patronage of Jordan Chamber of Commerce, a project intended to rank the Arabic trademarks according to its popularity; this project is called “Famous Arab Brands”.

NJQ held a workshop on 13 April 2013 in Landmark Hotel in Amman – Jordan, included a number of Jordanian business owners and officials from various governmental departments. During the workshop, Mr. Nader Qumsieh, Chairman and Founder of NJQ & Associates, stated that this project is the first of its kind in the Middle East and the whole region, the main goal of this initiative is to understand the level at which brands are known to people by classifying the trademarks and create a list of the most popular and the most reliable brands in the Middle East and North Africa.

It is worth mentioning that NJQ started preparing for this project since July 2011, the method of calculating the most famous trademarks is based on international standards in order to reach to a non-biased results.

According to Mr. Qumsieh, the main advantages from this project are:

  • Knowing the popularity of a trademark aids in establishing plans and strategies to develop the product and increase the sales;
  • Giving confidence amongst consumers in products baring well-known trademarks; and
  • If a trademark is considered to be a famous brand will result in increasing the protection level and will give extra support in case of infringements.

HE Mr. Khaled Habankeh, Member of the Board of Directors of Jordan Chamber of Commerce, affirmed that this project will benefit trademarks owners as well as consumers and will limit the faked products in the market which by turn will leverage the growth of the national economy.