Following the recent regulations of border measures it is now possible to register trademarks at customs department. This registration will serve as a circular to all customs officials to watch and monitor any shipments of goods suspected of bearing false or counterfeited products or similar or identical trademarks. Customs officials will have the full authority to confiscate any products if found counterfeited and will inform the registered trademark owner to take legal action within 10 days.

Trademarks can be registered at customs department for those which are originally registered at TMO. The registration at customs department is for one year and can be renewed annually.

In order to proceed with this recommended registration the following documents should be provided:

  1. Legalized POA if we are not the agent of the record.
  2. A certified copy of trademark registration as protected at TMO.
  3. Samples of the original products (to help customs officials to determine if any coming products are fake or original).