Domain Names

DZ.NIC is the body approved by the ICANN for the management of the ccTLD .dz relating to Algeria.

The management of the registration of domain names under .dz is an activity which was initiated by the CERIST with the introduction of Internet in Algeria in 1994.

The registration at the ICANN was operational in May 1995.

Domain names under .dz are awarded by domain name delegation.

This delegation is done on management servers of domain names “DNS”.

All the entities established in the country or having a legal representation in Algeria or having a document supporting the property rights of name in the country can be made awarded a domain name under field DZ.

The valid registration is carried out through entities of registration , delegated by the NIC.DZ and called “registrar”. The registrar transmits the requests to the NIC.DZ and manages domain names on behalf of the account of its customers.

The registration of domain names in register .DZ is dealt with by the NIC.DZ without any expenses for the registrars for the benefit of applicants. For that, the procedure of registration must be done on line through the site