Patents - General Information

  • You can claim priority according to Paris Convention within: 12 months from the first filing date.
  • Member of: PCT, Paris Convention.
  • Period of protection of a patent: 20 years.
  • Annuities: annual fees are due for each full year of the patent validity. The first annual fee should be paid before the commencement of the second year of the patent validity or together with the prescribed fee for grant of a patent. Annual fees for every next year shall be paid before the end of the current year of validity. There is a grace period of 6 months for late payment of annuity fees with penalty.
  • Allowed time to submit the assignment deed from the date of signing the agreement: no time restrictions.

Owners of patents or exclusive rights from patents shall submit to the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Armenia (AIPA), no later than the expiry of the ninth year of the patent term, a written evidence that the patented invention satisfies all the conditions for patentability of the invention.

Owners of patents or exclusive rights from patents shall pay a fee for the issuance of a Conclusion on Patentability, within three months from a day of the submission of the mentioned above Written Evidence or the receipt of the relevant notification to submit it. If the fee is not paid in due time, the evidence shall be deemed not to have been submitted.

If the owner of a patent or exclusive right from a patent fails to submit the mentioned above Written Evidence and pay the mentioned fee , the patent shall lapse on the date of the expiry of the tenth year of the patent term.

The written evidence may be provided by the International Preliminary Examining Authority under Article 32 of the PCT, or by any other Patent Office, with which the AIPA has concluded a relevant treaty.