The Kingdom of Bahrain laws provides protection to literary, artistic and scientific works upon its creation without the need for any procedural formality regardless of the value of such works, type, purpose of creating them, or method of expression. Protection include, in particular, the following works:

  • Books, brochures, articles, leaflets and such other written works.
  • Computer software whether written in a source language or a machine language.
  • Works that are delivered verbally such as lectures, speeches or sermons and the other works of a similar nature.
  • Dramatic works, musical dramas, dances, pantomimes and other works created for theatrical performances.
  • Musical works that are accompanied or unaccompanied with words.
  • Audiovisual works such as cinematographic and TV works.
  • Painting works using lines or colors, sculptures, inscriptions, lithograph, printing on fabrics, wood or metals and any other similar works of this nature.
  • Applied works of art.
  • Photographic works and similar works.
  • Illustrations, geographical maps, designs, sketch and 3-D works related to geography, topography, architecture or science.

A work’s title shall enjoy the same protection prescribed for the work if the title is of a creative nature.