Protection of copyright:

Registration of Copyright is not mandatory in Nepal, any work is protectable under the Copyright Act 2059 B.S., however, registration of copyright will be fruitful to proof of copyright against the possible infringement, piracy in future. Due to the registration of copyright, it is sufficient to enter into any licensing, agreement with others in order to full enjoy of exclusive right of copyright.

Protectable subject matter:

Literary- Book, pamphlet, article, thesis, lectures, computer programmes etc.
Artistic- Architectural design, photography, painting, sculpture, woodcarving, lithography, work of applied art, illustration, map, plan etc.
Musical- Musical notation with or without words, sound recording etc.
Dramatic- Drama, dramatic music, dumb show, performance etc.
Non- protectable subject matter:

Any thought, religion, news, method of operation, concept, principle, court judgment, administrative decision, folksong, folktale, proverb and general data despite the fact that such matters are expressed or explained or interpreted or included in any work.

Time frame for filing to registration of Copyright:

Normally 5 to 35 days.