Trademarks - General Information

  • Filing System: Multi-Class Filing System.
  • Classification of goods/services: 11th Edition of Nice Classification.
  • Registrables: trademarks, service marks, collective marks, quality marks (certification marks), 3D marks, sound marks, colour marks.
  • Member of Paris Convention: yes.
  • Claiming priority under Paris Convention: yes.
  • Filing international registration under Madrid Agreement: no.
  • Filing international registration under Protocol to Madrid Agreement: yes.
  • Time from filing to registration: 12 months.
  • Protection (registration) duration: 10 years from the application date.
  • Examination type: formal and substantive examination.
  • Publications: in the Official Gazette after acceptance.
  • Opposition period: 6 months
  • Time limit to pay publication fees after acceptance: no time restriction.
  • Time limit to pay registration fees after the end of the opposition period: no time restriction.
  • Use: a registered mark may be subject for a cancellation action by any interested party if it has not been used for 5 consecutive years.
  • Renewal application can be made within: 1 year before expiry.
  • Renewal duration: 10 years.
  • Grace period to renew after expiration: 6 months with penalty.
  • Method of conducting the search: official search only.
  • Search for a device: possible.
  • Time required to complete the search: 5 days.
  • Claiming goodwill upon assignment: optional.
  • Publication after recordal of the assignment: in the Official Gazette.
  • Publication after recordal of the change: in the Official Gazette.
  • Publication after recordal of the merge: in the Official Gazette.
  • Publication after recordal of the license: in the Official Gazette.
  • Time period of the license: can be decided by parties.

The application is filed at the Central Office in Yaounde (Cameroon).

Multiple-class applications are possible, however, separate applications have to be filed for goods and services.