Domain Names - Filing Requirements

Domain Name Registration
  • Application form.
  • Registration letter signed and stamped; this to be uploaded online.
  • Other documents used to provide a proof for the relation between the registrant and the domain requested (for example Commercial registry, trade mark certificates). This is also to be uploaded online.

  • Late filing of documents: allowed within 1 week from request date without penalty.
  • Extension of time for late filing of documents: not allowed.

- In the case of request cancelation, all the concerned parties are notified, and the domain name will be available for registration by anyone.
- In case Administrative Contact did not receive the activation message, the account holder can request resending it again.
- The request is only considered to be received by SaudiNIC after the Administrative Contact approves it, otherwise it will not be considered to be received and will remains pending.
- Pending requests are rejected automatically after one week.
- All the correspondence regarding the request are sent to the account holder and the Administrative Contact.