Signs without any specific distinction and which are descriptions of characteristics or which are no more than common names which are by custom given to the products or services.

trademarks shall be names of distinct shapes, signatures, words, letters, numbers, drawings, symbols, stamps and protruding inscriptions or any other sign or combination thereof which can be recognized by sight and suitable to distinguish industrial, commercial, vocational or agricultural products or a project to exploit forests or natural resources or to indicate that the object upon which the trademark is put belongs to the owner of the trademark on grounds of manufacture, selection, invention thereof or trading therewith or to indicate the rendering of a certain service.

Geographical names if their use is liable to create confusion as to the source of the products or services or their origin or liable to monopolize notice of origin or name the source without rightful justification. The pictures of others or their personal or trade names unless they or their heirs agree to such use.