Patents - General Information

  • You can claim priority according to Paris Convention within: 12 months from the first filing date.
  • Member of: PCT, Paris Convention, GCC.
  • Period of protection of a patent: 20 years.
  • Annuities: annuities are to be paid after grant, calculated as of the filing of priority date. Fees are to be paid within three (3) months from the beginning of each Gregorian year, i.e., up to 31 March of each year. If the applicant fails to do so, a grace period of three (3) months is given with payment of double of the original prescribed fees. As for pending applications, the annuity will be paid once for the year which is due for payment only i. e. there is no retroactive effect of the payment provision.
  • Allowed time to submit the assignment deed from the date of signing the agreement: no time restrictions.