As copyright works are considered in particular:

1. spoken works such as speeches, sermons, and lectures;

2. written works such as belletristic works, articles, manuals, studies, and computer programs;

3. musical works with or without words

4. theatrical or theatrico-musical works, and works of puppetry;

5. choreographic works and works of pantomime;

6. photographic works and works produced by a process similar to photography;

7. audiovisual works;

8. works of fine art such as paintings, graphic works, and sculptures;

9. works of architecture such as sketches, plans, and built structures in the field of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture;

10. works of applied art and industrial design;

11. cartographic works;

12. presentations of a scientific, educational or technical nature (technical drawings, plans, sketches, tables, expert opinions, three-dimensional representations, and other works of similar nature).