Objects of copyright shall be works in the domain of science, literature and art, namely:

  1. literary written works of fiction, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature (books, brochures, articles, etc.);
  2. speeches, lectures, orations, sermons and other oral works;
  3. computer software;
  4. databases;
  5. musical works with or without lyrics;
  6. dramatic, musical drama works, pantomimes, choreographic and other works created for stage presentation and staging versions thereof;
  7. audiovisual works;
  8. works of fine art;
  9. works of architecture, city construction, garden and park art;
  10. photographic works, including works made by methods similar to photography;
  11. works of applied art, including works of decorative weaving, ceramics, carving, casting, of art glass, jewelry, etc.; (item eleven of part one of Article 8 as amended, according to the Law of Ukraine No. 850-iV of 22.05.2003)
  12. illustrations, maps, layouts, drawings, sketches, plastic works relating to geography, geology, topography, engineering, architecture and other spheres of activity;
  13. stage interpretations of works specified in clause 1 of this part, and folklore versions that can be presented on stage;
  14. derivative works;
  15. collections of works, collections of folklore versions, encyclopedias and anthologies, collections of regular data, and other composite works, provided that they result from creative work involving the selection, co-ordination or arrangement of the contents without prejudice to the copyright of works which are included thereto as the integrated parts;
  16. texts of translations for dubbing, soundtracking of and adding Ukrainian and other language subtitles to foreign audiovisual works;
  17. other works.