A person, who wishes to obtain a patent (declarative patent) and has the right to do this, shall file an application with the Office.

An application may be filed, on the instruction of the applicant, via a representative on intellectual property matters or another proxy.

Referring the information contained in an application to the state secret is accomplished according to the Law of Ukraine “On the State Secret” and normative acts adopted at its basis.

If an invention (utility model) has been created with the use of the information registered in the Corpus of Data that constitute the state secret of Ukraine, or this invention (utility model) may be referred to the state secret under the Law of Ukraine “On the State Secret”, an application shall be filed with the Office via a secret regime body of the applicant or via an authorized body of the local state administration at the place of location (for legal persons) or domiciliary (for natural persons). The application shall be accompanied by the proposition of the applicant to refer an invention (utility model) to the state secret with the reference to the relevant provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Secret”.